Shareyourcommute OR how to renew your playlist of songs


Carpooling trips are often the opportunity to meet new people and discover what they like. Speaking, laughing, watching landscapes are common activities during a carpooling trip… But have you ever noticed that any trip would not be the same without music? Let me convince you that carpooling is the best way for you to renew your playlist of songs!

Although listening to boring radio stations or to your uncle telling unlikely stories or (at best) listening to silence can be funny, in fact it is not. At least not as much as carpooling trips can be! It has been proved that during most carpooling trips there is music in the car. What a great idea! Music gathers people together and creates a friendly atmosphere. This allows you to feel comfortable with other passengers, people that – do not forget it – you do not know at the beginning of the trip. Carpooling without music is like friends without anything to tell to each other: it’s boring.

Moreover listening to music in the car is a pleasant way to discover new songs. The driver has his own playlist, but you can also suggest other songs. Discuss your preferences with all passengers and you will end up the trip with various ideas of new tracks to download! And when it is your turn to be the driver, offer all passengers to suggest listening to their favorite songs. Listening to music during trips is a good carpooling custom!

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